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Company Profile

Aircon Experts (Pty) Ltd. is an independent, medium-sized air-conditioning company that specializes in the sales, installation and service of air-conditioners for both the residential and office markets since 2006.

Combined by passionate motivated people with years of experience in marketing and installations, Aircon Experts consistently strives to continuous relationships with over 8500 (and counting...) satisfied clients. 

Taking our years of training, experience and excellence, only the best expert advice, products, pricing, installations and after sales service is guaranteed. 

Safe & Trusted online sales development has made Aircon Experts one of the Leaders in providing the online community with Practical & proven Air-Conditioning solutions, ranging from:

Our Name Says it All

Aircon Experts OFFER: 
  • The best products for your Cooling & Heating needs.
  • Instant online quotes, ordering and payments.
  • Affordable pricing on top quality brands.
  • Total after-sales support.
  • Saving you time by including all materials needed.
  • Saving you money with no hidden costs.
  • Saving you endless phone calls and appointments with contractors.
  • Expert support and advice.